Ernst Kirkeby Jacobsen

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Date of birth

April 19, 1910

Date of death

December 13, 1975


William Jacobsen og Betzy Ottosen




Norway flaggNorway






  • Participant in WW2
  • Londonregisteret:

    Registernummer under krigen: London 42259, NY 6215.

    Gift med (jf. London-kort): Gunvor Karoline.

    The National Archives, Kew, HS 9/784/9:

    "I crossed the frontier on 31.12.42., together with my wife No. 11 746, Gunvor Karoline Jacobsen [...] born 6-6-1910 in Aker. Child No. 11 747, Odd Jacobsen, born 31-3-1936 in Oslo. Also my mother, No. 11 749, Betzy Ottosen Kirkeby, born 12-2-1887 in Hakkedal. We were also accompanied by an old Jewess-British nationality - who was sent to another place. Was helped out.

    I was originally trained as a waiter, and served an apprenticeship at the Palace Hotel in Gotherburg. Went to the U.S.A. in 1927 as a waiter on board the "Gripsholm". [...] In 1932 I went home to Norway (I had taken no steps in the U.S.A. to become an American Citizen.) I began here as chauffeur to an uncle of mine, Alfred Hansen, Vekkerøveien 86, in Aker. Married in 1936. I then worked as a laboratory worker at Apotekernes Laboratorium in Oslo from 1934-1937. After 1937 I was on board the "Bergensfjord" as a waiter. Was on board this ship until its last trip before the war. Was paid off in New York immediately after the outbreak of war. Afterwards I was in England. I then came home to Norway on March 27th, 1942."

    The National Archives, Kew: KV 2/828:

    "Jacobsen, an SOE agent, was landed in Norway in March 1942 to set up W/T communications for a sabotage group in Ostfold, Norway. He was arrested in August of the same year, but his communications continued with his limited co-operation. He was released in September 1942 and lived at home with his wife in the expectation, on the Germans' part, that other agents might try to contact him. In January 1943 he escaped to Sweden and thence to the UK. He freely admitted his co-operation with the Germans and emphasised that he had no mission for the Germans in this country. He later joined the Norwegian Air Force".


    The National Archives, Kew: HS 9/784/9. 159 sider med dokumentasjon.
    The National Archives, Kew: KV 2/828.
    Gravminner i Norge (DIS)