Kåre Emil Iversen

The information on registered seafarers is not in all cases complete. As new sources are studied, information on engagements and medals etc. will be added to some of the already registered seafarers.

Date of birth

October 10, 1918


Rudolf Iversen, Einvika, Nord Trøndelag




Norway flaggNorway



Place of living





U.m.m. (Utskrevet maskinmann)


  • Participant in WW2
  • Shetlandsgjengen. Heltene i Nordsjøen, s. 400:
    Innlemmet i Shetlandsgjengen: 8.9.1941, nr. c019.
    Antall turer: sesong 1941-42=7, sesong 1942-43=4, sesong 1943-44=14, sesong 1944-45=23.
    Overført annen virksomhet: 13.12.1945.

    Gift 6. desember 1944 hustru:  Christina Iversen.

    Sjøforsvarets londonarkiv:

    Antatt i Marinen: 8. september 1941, som: U.M.M.

    Sivil stilling:  Sjømann

     Beskikket eller vervet fra:  1.3-45 U.L.M.M., 11.12-45 U/Kvm.

    Militær spesialutdannelse eller kurser:  Spes.kurs Linges Kom., Småkaliber A.A.kurs

    Dimittert fra Marinen: 16. juni 1946.

    The National Archives, Kew, HS 9/781/4 (Report dated November 1945):

    "Dkm. K. IVERSEN has been associated with the SHETLAND Base throughout four winter seasons having joined the Unit on 16th September 1941. He served until 1943 as an engineer on one of the fishing boats used on clandestine operations and subsequently as Second Engineer on S.C. HESSA.

    He sailed in all on forty-eight operations both by fishing boat and subchaser and it is to his credit that in spite of the misfortunes and heavy losses which attended the operations of the winter of 1942/43 he showed undiminished keenness to continue in this service. When subsequently the Base was re-requipped with U.S. suchasers he quickly adapted himself to the new conditions of service and continued as a most valued member of the Unit. These operations were confined to the winter months, and the ships had to sail through conditions of storm and darkness which were extremely trying to morale. It speaks highly for Dkm. K. IVERSEN's courage and endurance that he was able and willing to face four such winters."


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    The National Archives, Kew, HS 9/781/4