We have so far registered 67,439 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
William IbansApril 15, 1918Born in Bonocca Island
George Nelson IbantsJanuary 27, 1919Lived in Bodden Town, Cyman, Britisk West India
Thea Ibbestad
A. Ibrahim
Abdel Al Hamman IbrahimBorn in El Ziwak
El-Desouka Omar Ali Ibrahim1906Born in Alexandria
Kassam Ibrahim1915Born in Kenya
Kenneth IbrahimDecember 21, 1922Born in Trinidad
M.Abdel Hamid Ibrahim1911Born in Egypt
Mamoud Radwan Ibrahim1902Born in Egypt
Moh.Ahhmed Moh. Sheika Ibrahim1909
Mohamed Ibrahim1923Born in Chittagong
Mohamed IbrahimMarch 13, 1904Born in Suez
Mohamed Baln Ibrahim1899Born in Alexandria, Egypt
Mustafa Ibrahim1901Lived in Zaod Zaghloul & abow el. Hassan Port Said
Nils IbsenJanuary 1, 1926Born in Woirbotten
John IcomeJune 2, 1923Born in Redhill
Noel IconomoeJanuary 15, 1924Born in St. Etienne i Loiredalen
Sctilia IconomosAugust 15, 1925Born in St. Etienne i Loiredalen
Torleif Olai Kristensen IdenSeptember 17, 1902Born in Herdla
William Gouge IdeNovember 13, 1926Born in Hastings
Adolf Kornelius IdlandMay 10, 1922Lived in Råstad
Einar IdlandDecember 22, 1914Born in Sandefjord
Elling IdlandFebruary 21, 1882Born in Time, Jæren
Mohammed Hassan Sheikh Idris1908Born in Dongola