We have so far registered 70,341 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Edward RamsayJune 22, 1919
Carl RamseyLived in Prince Edward Island
Dorothy Sullivan RamslandMay 26, 1923Born in Halifax
Lawrence Ranie
Vernon RasmussenDecember 18, 1918Born in Springhill
Vernon RasmussenDecember 18, 1918Born in Springhill, Nova Scotiaa
Donald Clevely RavensApril 28, 1927Born in Sydney
Georg RayneDecember 16, 1912Born in Nova Scotia
Ronald RaynerSeptember 12, 1924Born in Peterborg
Charles ReedMarch 19, 1902Born in Vancouver
Arthur RefuseSeptember 11, 1909Lived in Winsor Liverpool
Parker ReganFebruary 7, 1924Born in Port William
Thomas ReganDecember 13, 1920Born in Toronto
Charles ReidMarch 19, 1902Lived in Vancouver Canada
Edward ReidAugust 10, 1917Born in Toronto
Eric ReidSeptember 10, 1920Born in Ontario
Fredruck C. ReidSeptember 8, 1918Born in Newfoundland
Terence A. ReidMarch 8, 1928Born in Toronto
Cecil Rhodes Renaud
William ResideBorn in Winnipeg
Egbert RhodesApril 1, 1912Lived in Vancover
Cecile RicardMarch 24, 1915Born in Sudburn
Allan RiceJune 16, 1926Born in Ontario, Canada
William RiceJanuary 22, 1925
Frederick RichadsonJune 12, 1918Born in London