We have so far registered 78,644 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Mical YabubovichAugust 18, 1908Born in Moscow
Henry YachisionAugust 10, 1928Lived in 924 Weatberdon Ave. Fort Ronge, Winnipog.
B. Yacoob
Md. (Mohd.) Yacoob (Yeacoob)1921Lived in Calcutta
Mamond Mohamed Yacout1911Born in Egypt
Ah YaiLived in Shanghai
Mohamed Yaina1919Born in Br. Somalieland
Arthur YakewaysSeptember 8, 1916Born in Birmingham
Cyril YaldenMay 22, 1925Born in Winchester
Yallaya1912Born in Vizagabatan
Vincente YallicunaMarch 2, 1923Born in Mollende
Takeo YamashitaMarch 5, 1919Lived in Yokohama
Hook Yam
John Henry Yancey (Yncey)August 8, 1918Born in Monkey River
Chan Ah Yan
Chanx Ah Yan1922Born in Swatow
Hipolito YanesJanuary 31, 1910Born in Sagan
Miguel YanesSeptember 29, 1908Born in Ceinfuges
Chan Yang
Lee Ah Yang
Lee Seng YangLived in Singapore
Lee Soo Yang
Lee Tong YangLived in 17 Garver Street, Singapore
Lee We(e) Yang1912Lived in 17 Garver Street, Singapore
Shyn Ing YangBorn in Shantung