We have so far registered 72,269 seafarers

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Participated in war

Relevant to county

Belongs to nationality

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Chai Van DahBorn in Ningpo
Pun Dah
Tung Lee DahBorn in Ningpo
Lee DaiJuly 12, 1893
Li (Lee) Sak Dam
Woo Shun Dan1904
Lee Fon Dao
Wong Hong DaoMay 4, 1903Born in Ningpo
Wong Shee DekLived in Hainan
Lee Lo De1920Born in Swatow
Lee Loo DeJuly 19, 1919Born in Canton
Lee Yo De1924Born in Canton
Ngai Mok De1916Born in Canton
Tan Teng Dick
Cha Yee Ding
Lee Fong DingLived in Singapore
Li Yu Ding
L. Vo DingBorn in Ningpo
Seem Ah Ding
Wong See (Lee) Djou1914Born in Hainan
Ah Soo Doh1906Born in Hainan, Kina
Chang Yong Dong
Chang Yung Dong
Hou Fung Dong
On Dong