We have so far registered 70,492 seafarers

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Participated in war

Belongs to nationality

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
William AllanJuly 31, 1910Born in Ballerat, Victoria, Autralia
William John AllenJuly 31, 1910Born in Bellarat, Australia
Colin BakeDecember 20, 1918Born in Jarrahdale
Derwent Jasman GatesJanuary 5, 1920Born in Hobart
Robert Gilbert GibsonMarch 22, 1917Born in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Jack GlenisterFebruary 11, 1918Born in West Australia
Colin Edvard GoodwinJuly 14, 1925Born in Narralra, Australia
R. R. GordonBorn in Australia
Charles Norman GrahamMarch 27, 1918Lived in Collingwood Road, Osborne Park, Perth, South Australia
William Jack GrayAugust 6, 1919
Allan GreenJune 19, 1918Born in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Frank Allan HancookOctober 5, 1921Born in Adelaide, Australia
William B. HannafordOctober 13, 1913Born in Port Adelaide, Australia
W. J. HanscombMarch 5, 1914Born in Fremantle, Australia
Eric HarcourtNovember 21, 1915Born in Adelaide, Australia
Douglas HardingJanuary 13, 1923Born in Adelaide, Australia
Alvyn HarweyMarch 3, 1920Born in Ayr., Australia
Cecil HawkinsJune 11, 1919Born in Perth, Australia
Maxwell O. LeeNovember 1, 1916Born in Hindmarsh
James McIntyre LowrieNovember 8, 1921Born in Buckhaven
William Thomas OsborneApril 27, 1919Born in Perth, Australia
Derwent A. PalmerApril 25, 1915Born in Hobart, Tasmania,
Hector ParcellJanuary 29, 1918Born in Ipswich, England
Phillip Leigh ParsonsFebruary 14, 1922Born in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
William J. PatmoreJuly 25, 1917Born in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia