We have so far registered 80,079 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Sarelly AfanassielfSeptember 26, 1902Born in Belgarad
Nikolas ArklipoffDecember 6, 1897Lived in 21 avenue Gaydillo, Algir
Alex ArontikMarch 14, 1911Lived in 4422-8 ave., Brooklyn
Simon AstanineFebruary 3, 1886Born in Vladivostock
David Auerbach
George BalahninMarch 23, 1920Born in Vladivostock
Nichita (Nicluta) BurlacencoApril 2, 1909Born in Taslac/Tachlig, Bessarabia
Alexander EgorovAugust 29, 1913Born in Vladivostok
Paul Feuer (Fauer)February 8, 1911Born in Roslof
Dmetry FroloffDecember 25, 1900Lived in Poamainst, Shanghai
Vadim FrostMay 24, 1911Born in Harbin
Eugene Vladimirovich GlinskyDecember 3, 1909Born in Vladivostock, Russland
Cyril IgnatoffJanuary 21, 1918Lived in Scarsdale, New York
Nicholas Petrovick MizuiraFebruary 6, 1909Born in Vladivostock
Ivan Len NektovitchJuly 6, 1912Born in Kiev/Russland
Jean PivenAugust 15, 1899Born in Vovorosisk
Eugen SerbeolFebruary 19, 1913Born in Korch
Theodor SipaloffMarch 18, 1894Born in Odessa, Russland
Alexis StepanoffMarch 25, 1901Born in Aksai
Serge SwitchenNovember 6, 1913Born in Russland
Ivan Tocanoff (Toconoff) (Tokonoff)March 15, 1895Born in Bessarabia
Alexander TuumSeptember 12, 1913Born in Moscow.
Branaslv VaitkevichBorn in Vladivostok
Z. VoikovichFebruary 22, 1913Born in Vladivostok
Serge WassiliefJuly 5, 1895Born in Moskva