We have so far registered 72,177 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
G. B. RaeJanuary 7, 1920Born in Aberdeen
Allan RatcliffeFebruary 18, 1926Born in Birkenhead
J. S. RatcliffeMay 4, 1924Born in S. Shields
Henry RathmillJanuary 26, 1926Born in Manchester
Percy RattenberryAugust 15, 1922Born in Exeter
Albert RattrayMay 2, 1912Born in Glasgow
William RattrayJuly 25, 1921Born in Dundee
William M. RattyJuly 30, 1922Lived in St. Austrell Cornvall
Stanley W. Rauen (Raven)December 14, 1923Born in Grays
Harold Anthony RavenFebruary 22, 1925Born in Newark
David RavieJune 2, 1919Born in S. Omensferry
Fred RawclaffeJune 30, 1913Born in Oswalot Wistle
Chistopher RawkinsAugust 4, 1923Lived in 2 Beaufort Gds, Ilford Essex, England
Albert RawnsleyJanuary 1, 1918Born in Lancasshire
Sidney G. RaylonJanuary 18, 1919Born in Australia
Harry James RaymondApril 23, 1917Born in London
Leslie RaynerApril 9, 1928Born in Grays Essex
Harry RaynhamMarch 26, 1917
Samuel RayJanuary 4, 1928Born in Glasgow
Anthony M. ReadDecember 29, 1920Born in Eaton
Bernhard ReadMarch 19, 1927Born in Hull
Charles ReadJuly 30, 1924Born in Silkark
Clive Ronald ReadApril 23, 1925Born in London
Eli Edward ReadMay 31, 1924Born in London
James ReadOctober 22, 1924Born in Glasgow