We have so far registered 71,319 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Antonio PaceFebruary 22, 1926Born in Malta
Carmel PaceJanuary 13, 1902Born in Cairo
John PaceDecember 29, 1926Born in Malta
Josue S. PaceAugust 15, 1919Born in Manila, Phllippinene
Lester Seymour PaceJanuary 1, 1923Born in Halifax, Canada
Mario PaceNovember 1, 1925Born in Ischia, Italia
Chin Ah PaBorn in Canton
Jan J. PachJune 17, 1916
Wilfredo Walter Paciello1921Born in Montevideo, Uruguay
Fredrik PackardOctober 24, 1923Born in London, England
Baresford Arth Pack1911
Allan PacockSeptember 12, 1926Born in West Dickham, England
Pietro PadavanoNovember 11, 1911Born in Mola, Italia
Luiz PadiecoMay 15, 1919
Euclides Scares PadilhaMarch 10, 1917Born in Rua Prohia, Brasil
John PadoSeptember 22, 1914Born in Perth Amboy, USA
Estavio PadroNovember 11, 1920Born in Montevideo, Uruguay
Evaresto PadronJanuary 23, 1913Born in Agromonte Matansaz, Cuba
Apoloniusz PaździoraMay 29, 1914
Garsia J. PaganFebruary 23, 1910Born in Cartagena, Spania
Alfred PageBorn in Wales, England
Basil PageJanuary 7, 1927Born in Melbourne, Australia
Edward M. PageJanuary 4, 1925Born in Pewsey, England
Georg PageNovember 27, 1913Lived in 68 Moutross Cott, Loch Ore, Fife, England
Gordon W. PageSeptember 2, 1925Born in Port Hope, Canada