We have so far registered 77,732 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Alfred Clucas Lace
F. B. LaceySeptember 29, 1912Born in Liverpool
Roy LaceyOctober 21, 1922Born in Ottawa
Thomas LaceyApril 28, 1928Born in Walsall
Hubert LackJune 14, 1911Born in Crawshawsbooth
William LacySeptember 29, 1912Lived in 25 Gayhaust Crescent, Liverpool 11
H. LaddJune 6, 1922Born in London
Francis LaffanJuly 31, 1924Lived in Masonic Hall, Keppel Str, Bathurst, N.S.W.
William LaffertySeptember 30, 1921Born in Greenock
Donald LaflinOctober 26, 1925Lived in Slough, Irland
John LaflinSeptember 14, 1923Born in London
Hugh LaganMay 4, 1927Born in Glasgow
John G. LaidlerJuly 3, 1905Born in portsmouth
John H. LainchburySeptember 9, 1920Lived in 147 Gosset Str. Bethnal Green, London, E.2.
John H. LaingJune 3, 1916
John A. LairdJune 10, 1907Lived in 20 A, Forfar Rd, Dundee, Angus
John William LakeJune 20, 1910Born in Crediton
Charles LambJune 8, 1924Born in Wallsend
David LambFebruary 13, 1913
Geoffrey LambdonJune 19, 1926Lived in 156 Dumbarton Road, Glasgow
C. LamberlainJanuary 22, 1920Born in king's Lynn
Reymond LamberthMay 19, 1919Born in Hickling
John LambertApril 28, 1921Born in Manchester
John H. LambertJanuary 4, 1912
Robert William LambertJune 6, 1911Born in Salisbury