We have so far registered 69,359 seafarers

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Participated in war

Relevant to county

Belongs to nationality

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Abdel Aal F. Abdalla1922Born in Sudan
Tag El Sir Abdella1910Born in Sudan
Ali Farah Abdi
Mohy Eldin Abo1918Born in Sudan
Abdel Saleh Ahmed1910Born in Sudan
Taha Fagir AliOctober 3, 1910Born in Amentago, Sudan
O.B. AmodLived in Sudan
Alian Abdul AzimNovember 7, 1920Born in Alexandria
Mohamed Ahmes Said Babikr1904Born in Dongola
Mohames I. A. Bakr1922Born in Dongola
Ali Kherry Billal1918Born in Sudan
Nashr Kheiry Billal1924Born in Sudan
Sire ElkhatmeNovember 20, 1921Born in Dougola
Abdel Cader Mohamed El Mahi1915Born in Dongola
Hussenein Idris Fadlalla1913Born in Dongola
Ibr. Moh. Fadle1916Born in Sudan
Moh. Nasr Abdel Hafiz1895Born in Sudan
Hassan El Hag1898Born in Sudan
Ahmed Saleh Hamad1927Born in Egypt
Ahmed Hamman1927Born in Sudan
Fadle Hamza1912Born in Dongola, Sudan
Alem Mohamed Hassan1914Born in Sudan
Mohamed El Khier Hassan1922Born in Donjola, Sudan
Naser Hassan1904Born in Sudan
Omar HassanFebruary 7, 1908Born in Halfa, Sudan