We have so far registered 71,364 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Ernest R. GabrielJuly 20, 1926Born in Swansea
Frank GabrielSeptember 23, 1912
Biance GabrielsenFebruary 16, 1916Born in Skottland
Jack GadsonSeptember 26, 1908Born in London
James Joseph GaffneyAugust 26, 1924Born in Liverpool
Merwin GaffneyDecember 3, 1924Born in Cardiff
John GailerSeptember 7, 1915Born in Huntingdon
Joseph GaineAugust 5, 1924Born in Egremont
Albert GainsfordApril 7, 1914Born in Tumbridge
Robert N. GairDecember 1, 1906Born in Stennymoor
James GalacherDecember 10, 1922Lived in 104 Fingal street, Mary Hill, Glasgow
Angus GalbraithJanuary 18, 1923Born in Argylshire
James GalbraithDecember 2, 1915Born in Liverpool
James GalbraithDecember 19, 1923Born in Greenock
John GalbraithMay 10, 1925Born in Red Deer
Colin W. GaleFebruary 27, 1922Lived in St. Aelier, Jerseym Channel Is.
D. J. GaleOctober 20, 1924Born in Slough
John Henry GaleApril 26, 1925Born in Leytonston
William GaleJune 29, 1906Born in Hull
William GaleFebruary 18, 1924Born in Germiston
Charles GallacherJuly 25, 1921Born in Glasgow
John GallaghanDecember 18, 1917Born in Dundee
Francis GallaghenApril 2, 1926Born in Heywood
Cyril Joseph GallagherJanuary 12, 1927Born in London
Desmond GallagherJuly 11, 1925Born in London