We have so far registered 73,831 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Olaf AbrahamsenAugust 3, 1902Born in Vadsø
Leif Ragnar AlbrigtsenMarch 26, 1917Born in Hammerfest
Helge Anton AmundsenApril 16, 1919Born in Hammerfest
Anders AndersenSeptember 18, 1917Born in Vardø
Anders Nikolai AndersenSeptember 14, 1913Born in Vest Finmark
Birger Edvard AndersenJune 9, 1920Born in Hammerfest
Bjørn AndersenJune 17, 1912Born in Vardø
Hilmar Brose AndersenSeptember 30, 1902Born in Honningsvåg
Ingvald Nikolai AndersenJune 6, 1917Born in Hammerfest
Olaf Kristian AndersenFebruary 28, 1923Born in Hammerfest
Thoralf Erland AndersenSeptember 5, 1914Born in Vadsø
Herman Johan AnderssonMay 26, 1907Born in Honningsvåg
Anders Marinius AndreassenApril 11, 1883Born in Måsøy, Hammerfest
Arne AndreassenMay 12, 1917Born in Hammerfest
Brynjulf Arnljot AndreassenSeptember 18, 1915Born in Nordvaranger
Martin AndreassenMarch 15, 1922Born in Vardø
Otto Laurits Jentoft AndreassenJune 6, 1910Born in Måsøy, Finmark
Per Johnsen AntiFebruary 22, 1895Born in Karasjok
Asbjørn AntoniussenOctober 17, 1912Born in Vardø
Birger Aude ArnesenJanuary 2, 1902Born in Sørøy
Erling Ingvald ArnesenDecember 23, 1918Born in Hasvik
Hans ArnesenJanuary 17, 1921Born in Hasvik
Johan ArntzenMay 19, 1920Born in Sørreisa
Aage Johan Paul ArntzenJanuary 16, 1914Born in Syd Varanger, Kirkenes
Einar Thorbjørn AronsenOctober 1, 1917Born in Kirkenes