We have so far registered 78,233 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Abraham AbrahamsenSeptember 29, 1882Born in Borre
Abraham AbrahamsenApril 14, 1906Born in Sandar
Abraham AbrahamsenDecember 8, 1913Born in Nøtterøy
Abraham AbrahamsenApril 9, 1894Born in Nøtterøy
Abraham AbrahamsenJanuary 12, 1879Born in Tjøme
Alf AbrahamsenApril 13, 1910Born in Tjømø
Alf Ferry AbrahamsenDecember 16, 1914Born in Sandar
Anders AbrahamsenAugust 12, 1908Born in Sandar
Anders AbrahamsenMay 9, 1891Born in Sandefjord
Arne AbrahamsenSeptember 20, 1913Born in Bamble
Arne AbrahamsenAugust 5, 1894Born in Stokke
Arnold AbrahamsenAugust 26, 1886Lived in Revetal, Våle (Re)
Arnold I. AbrahamsenOctober 18, 1883Lived in Sandefjord
Arthur AbrahamsenJanuary 15, 1915Lived in Breili i Sandar, Sandefjord
Christian AbrahamsenAugust 4, 1881Born in Nøtterøy
Edgar Holtan AbrahamsenOctober 11, 1921Born in Vesterøy, Hvaler
Einar AbrahamsenApril 22, 1890Lived in Larvik
Einar AbrahamsenMay 22, 1914Lived in Sandar
Einar AbrahamsenApril 14, 1913Born in Sandar
Eivind AbrahamsenSeptember 25, 1916Born in Tønsberg
Erling AbrahamsenJuly 27, 1906Born in Sandar, Vestfold
Georg Peter AbrahamsenMay 5, 1923Born in Sem
Georg R. AbrahamsenOctober 16, 1915Born in Sandar
Gerhard AbrahamsenDecember 29, 1876Born in Sandefjord
Hans O. AbrahamsenDecember 9, 1880Born in Larvik