We have so far registered 71,077 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Harry HabberfieldOctober 27, 1925Born in Bristol, England
John HaberfieldMay 30, 1923Born in Bristol, England
Albert HaberleyJanuary 22, 1925Born in Perth, Australia
D. Hack
James Hackett (Hockett)February 17, 1921Born in South End, U.K.
Eric Martin HackleyMay 14, 1923Born in London, England
Thomas HackstonJuly 24, 1917Born in Salford, England
Leslie HaddenFebruary 21, 1924Born in Bristol, England
Harry HaddockSeptember 3, 1918Born in Grimsby, England
John HaddockApril 15, 1919Born in Port Glasgow, Scotland
Glyn Reginald HaderupSeptember 21, 1926Born in Cardiff, England
Jens Roslyne HaderupDecember 12, 1923Born in Cardiff, England
Dennis HadfieldNovember 4, 1919Born in Nottingham, England
Joseph HadfieldMay 1, 1897Born in Glossop, England
Ernest George HadlandJune 6, 1914Born in Coventry, England
Albert L. HadleyMarch 14, 1915Born in Coventry, England
Robert Hadley
Steven HadleyLived in Mallen House, Carr street, Limehaouse E 14, England
Sydney George HadlowJanuary 28, 1884Born in Sittingbourne
William HaganApril 16, 1926Lived in Ukjent
Alfred HagenJuly 15, 1925Born in Liverpool, England
Annie O. HagenNovember 17, 1910Born in Glasgow
Winnifred O. HagenJanuary 5, 1900Born in Glasgow
John HagesSeptember 6, 1925Born in Hull, England
Robert HaggartJanuary 11, 1922Born in Stirling, Scotland