We have so far registered 70,527 seafarers

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Participated in war

Belongs to nationality

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Basil PageJanuary 7, 1927Born in Melbourne, Australia
John PageJanuary 7, 1927Born in Melbourne, Australia
Alan George PagettJune 18, 1924Born in Sydney, Australia
William PageAugust 1, 1921Born in Melbourne, Australia
Francis John PalfreyApril 3, 1926Born in Ammaville, Australia
Derwent A. PalmerApril 25, 1915Born in Hobart, Tasmania,
Hector ParcellJanuary 29, 1918Born in Ipswich, England
Percy ParcellMarch 25, 1916Born in Brisbane, Australia
John ParkerMay 8, 1910Born in Melbourne, Australia
Charles ParryMarch 2, 1927Born in Port. Pirie, South-Australia
Phillip Leigh ParsonsFebruary 14, 1922Born in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
John PartridgeMarch 17, 1927Born in Sydney, Australia
Reuben PascoeMarch 29, 1928Born in Sydney, Australia
James PassmoreJuly 10, 1927Born in Melbourne, Australia
William J. PatmoreJuly 25, 1917Born in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Donald Findlay PatonOctober 16, 1922Born in Fremantle, Australia
Roy PatonNovember 14, 1925Born in Fremantle, Australia
Edward Georg PattenJuly 15, 1926Born in Queenscliff, Australia
Kenneth Pavy
Sidney Charles Payne
Thomas PeacockJanuary 27, 1928Born in Canberra, Australia
Eric Raymond PearceDecember 13, 1915Born in Colac, Australia
John PearseJuly 26, 1910Born in Sydney, Australia
Alan PeattyDecember 26, 1910Born in Granville, Australia
William PeddingtonMarch 13, 1915Born in Wonthaggi, Australia