We have so far registered 65,205 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Chin Ah PaBorn in Canton
Apoloniusz PaździoraMay 29, 1914
Chong PahLived in Union: Tong Hing Koh 113, South Bridge Road, Singapore
Joo Pheng PahOctober 20, 1917Born in Hunan
Leung PakBorn in Canton
Nils PallesenNovember 7, 1903Born in Kvitsøy
Vilhelm Kristoffer PallesenFebruary 25, 1896Born in Oslo
Anders PalmJune 20, 1912Born in Arendal
Thor Holger PalmenDecember 23, 1920Born in Braestad
George Gerhard PalmerNovember 25, 1909Born in Cardif
Kjell PalmgrenMay 9, 1918Born in Haugesund
Per Erik PalmJune 23, 1888Born in Hedesunda, Sverige
Roy Wilfred PalmSeptember 18, 1921Born in Tønsberg
Einar PalmstrømAugust 15, 1902Born in Bergen
Wilhelm PalmJanuary 4, 1911Lived in Liveien 16, Presthagen, Sandar
Boon PamBorn in Foochow
Chen Yu PanLived in Shanghai
Ching PangJune 9, 1906Born in Canton
Choy Pang
Foo See Pang
Gum Sik PangJanuary 7, 1925Born in Canton
Kow Pang1918Born in Hong Kong
Long Mui Pang1916Born in Hainan
Shui Bang PangBorn in Swatow
Shing-Yu Pan