We have so far registered 82,043 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Sverre CarlmarkOctober 18, 1922Born in Oslo
Anton CarlsenFebruary 21, 1914Born in Oslo
Carl Johan CarlsenAugust 3, 1897Born in Oslo
Thorleif Carlsen (Carson)May 29, 1902Born in Oslo
Leif Johan CarlsenMarch 21, 1917Born in Oslo
Rolv Arnfinn CarlsenMay 19, 1919Born in Oslo
Svend CarstensenJune 7, 1913Born in Larvik
Oscar CasparsenOctober 18, 1890Born in Oslo
Carl Johan CaspersenOctober 22, 1890Born in Oslo
Jonn Engelhardt CaspersenAugust 23, 1907Born in Oslo
Rolf Gunnar CaspersenFebruary 25, 1922Born in Oslo
Arne Bay ChristensenApril 18, 1916Born in Oslo
Arne Henrik ChristensenFebruary 8, 1918Born in Oslo
Halvdan ChristensenJuly 16, 1898Born in Oslo
Hans-Otto ChristensenJuly 12, 1885Born in Nøtterø
Johannes ChristensenMarch 6, 1905Born in Hisøy, Arendal
Karl Fredrik ChristensenOctober 31, 1895Born in Oslo
Lorentz ChristensenSeptember 26, 1915Born in Oslo
Lorentz ChristensenApril 12, 1881Born in Nøtterøy
Per ChristensenMarch 5, 1917Born in Oslo
Rolf Lorang ChristensenSeptember 4, 1909Born in Oslo
Arvid ChristiansenMarch 7, 1903Born in Trondheim
Edvard Kragh ChristiansenApril 3, 1921Born in Oslo
Eivind ChristiansenSeptember 9, 1897Born in Hurum
Georg Martin ChristiansenNovember 25, 1910Born in Sandvika