We have so far registered 79,964 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Abraham AbrahamsenMay 20, 1891Born in Farsund
Abraham AbrahamsenSeptember 26, 1900Born in Lista
Abraham A. AbrahamsenFebruary 6, 1915Born in Lista
Abraham Julius AbrahamsenSeptember 5, 1913Born in Lista, Farsund
Abraham Mikal AbrahamsenJune 18, 1913Born in Brakne, Lista
Albert August AbrahamsenJanuary 28, 1919Born in Lista, Farsund
Alexander AbrahamsenFebruary 4, 1920Born in Lista
Alf AbrahamsenMarch 17, 1911Born in Austad
Alf Ludvig AbrahamsenApril 18, 1920Born in Lista
Alfred Thorvald AbrahamsenApril 9, 1920Born in Farsund
Anton Theodor AbrahamsenJune 7, 1885Born in Tjørve,Lista
Arne AbrahamsenAugust 27, 1909Lived in Farsund
Arnold Torleif AbrahamsenJuly 25, 1914Born in Ødegaard, Spind
Arthur AbrahamsenApril 20, 1926Born in Lista
Arthur Henry AbrahamsenJanuary 21, 1910Lived in Kristiansand
Arthur Johan AbrahamsenSeptember 22, 1928Born in Farsund
Bernt Otto AbrahamsenMarch 3, 1924Born in Lista
Edvin AbrahamsenDecember 11, 1913Born in Farsund
Emanuel AbrahamsenJune 3, 1922Born in Lista
Erling Norman AbrahamsenOctober 15, 1921Born in Farsund
Ernst AbrahamsenBorn in Farsund
Frank AbrahamsenJanuary 9, 1920Born in Kristiansand
Gabriel Tobias AbrahamsenDecember 17, 1848Born in Lyngdal
Gunvald Martin AbrahamsenJune 1, 1890Born in Tveit
Harald Emil AbrahamsenMay 10, 1915Born in Lista