We have so far registered 81,062 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Anton JacobsenApril 25, 1913Born in Farsund
Einar JacobsenLived in Kristiansand
Guttorm JacobsenApril 14, 1910Born in Farsund
Henry Mørch JacobsenDecember 21, 1914Born in Kristiansand
Andreas Jacobsen HaalvigJuly 10, 1870
Jacob Andreas JacobsenMay 29, 1901Born in Lyngdal
Jacob Pritzcy JacobsenJune 20, 1920Born in Herad
Johan JacobsenApril 2, 1919Born in Rosnes ved Mandal
Johan Edvard JacobsenMay 17, 1905Born in Egenes
Johannes Joachim JacobsenMay 24, 1871Born in Helvik
Knud JacobsenFebruary 26, 1853Born in Svinør,Lindesnes
Martin JacobsenJuly 14, 1918Born in Farsund
Olav JacobsenJanuary 7, 1912Born in Evje
Otto JacobsenMarch 24, 1921Born in Kristiansand
Peder JacobsenFebruary 14, 1912Born in Spind, Årikstad
Rudolf Victor JacobsenApril 30, 1906Born in Bodø
Steen Penne JacobsenSeptember 28, 1908Born in Farsund
Tarald JacobsenDecember 21, 1844Born in Lindesnes
Ånen Edvard JacobsenMarch 10, 1901Born in Kristiansand
Anton JahnsenAugust 26, 1911Born in Lyngdal
Karl JahnsenMay 5, 1910Born in Søgne
Bernt Edvin JakobsenMarch 12, 1923Born in Herad
Edvin Johan Jakobsen1857Born in Bjørnestad,Spind
Hans Petter JakobsenApril 12, 1893Born in Færøyene
Hans Torleiv JakobsenApril 11, 1914Born in Farsund