We have so far registered 83,791 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Abraham JacobsenFebruary 2, 1898Born in Oslo
Aton Marcelius JacobsenJuly 28, 1893Born in Stavanger
Bertrand Høye JacobsenSeptember 24, 1898Born in Haugesund
Brynjulf Johan JacobsenSeptember 7, 1916Born in Stavanger
Fredrik Johan JacobsenMarch 20, 1902Born in Stavanger
Georg Emil JacobsenNovember 24, 1912Born in Haugesund
Hans Eberg JacobsenJuly 13, 1880Born in Harstad
Harald Theodor JacobsenMarch 9, 1900Born in Nærbø
Ivar JacobsenJuly 3, 1917Born in Haugesund
Johan JacobsenJanuary 15, 1918Born in Skjold
Johan JacobsenJanuary 31, 1886Born in Egersund
Jørgen Alfred JacobsenSeptember 21, 1895Born in Skåre
Karl Peder JacobsenAugust 29, 1918Born in Stavanger
Knut Ringen JacobsenOctober 30, 1913Born in Haugesund
Kåre JacobsenSeptember 11, 1921Lived in Sandnes
Kaare Andreas JacobsenSeptember 10, 1918Born in Stavanger
Lars JacobsenSeptember 22, 1891Born in Vikedal
Leif JacobsenOctober 8, 1912Born in Skudenes
Mandius Severin JacobsenSeptember 22, 1886Born in Valestrand
Monrad JacobsenMay 6, 1900Born in Stavanger
Oscar JacobsenJune 8, 1907Born in Stavanger
Paul JacobsenJanuary 18, 1908Born in Hillevåg
Petter JacobsenNovember 23, 1892Lived in Stavanger
Thomas Alfred JacobsenAugust 8, 1909Born in Haugesund
Tor JacobsenOctober 26, 1899Born in Skudenes