We have so far registered 78,625 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Stanley BabadMay 10, 1925Born in Canada
Earl BachMarch 30, 1919Born in Buffalo
Albert Henry BaconApril 13, 1929Born in Toronto
Ronald B. BaconOctober 19, 1926Born in Toronto
Albert Badgeby (Badgeley)July 2, 1922Born in Trenton, Ontario
Emile BadnerAugust 19, 1918Born in Montreal
Frederick BaileySeptember 7, 1926Born in Canada
Robert James BailieJanuary 4, 1927Born in Toronto
Daman Alex BairdDecember 17, 1917Born in Wabana
David M. BakerDecember 21, 1923Born in Nova Scotia
Ernst Balair (Belair)December 16, 1917Born in Trenton
Hugh BaldryOctober 21, 1916Born in Toronto
R. H. Baldry
Arnold BaleySeptember 5, 1920Born in Queensland
Joseph Leonard BalisteririSeptember 4, 1922Born in Strafford
Joe BalistririSeptember 4, 1920Born in Halifax, Canada
Mark D. BallangerMarch 27, 1925Born in Toronto
Lawrence BallJune 15, 1928Born in Paris, Canada
Harvey BannisterJanuary 19, 1921Born in Halifax
Pierce BannisterJanuary 24, 1923Born in Newfoundland
Donald BarberMay 29, 1924Born in Canada
Howard BarkerApril 7, 1923Born in Windsor
Wilfred BarkerNovember 25, 1909Born in Lachute, Canada
Edward BarloeNovember 8, 1905Lived in 5611 Camden Place, Montreal, Canada
Reginald BarnardOctober 31, 1922Born in St. John N. B.