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NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Richard C. OakleyJanuary 10, 1924Born in Halifax, Canada
John O'BreinSeptember 2, 1927Born in Peterborough
Claude O'BrienSeptember 2, 1924Born in Montreal
Duncan O'BrienJanuary 20, 1925Born in Halifax N. S.
William O'BrienSeptember 27, 1910Born in Halifax
Joseph O'ConnorSeptember 2, 1923Lived in 1031, Barrington St. Halifax, Nova Scotia
Dogud OdamAugust 10, 1922Born in Toronto, Canada
Andrew O'DeaMay 16, 1912Born in Sydney
Gordon G. OgilvieFebruary 7, 1927Born in Toronto, Canada
Carl O`HaraAugust 27, 1915Born in Dawson City, Canada
Earl O'HaraMay 27, 1915Born in Dawson City, Canada
Patrick O`HaraJuly 13, 1924Born in Dublin, Irland
Robert J. O'HearnJune 23, 1923Born in Halifax, N.S., Canada
Charles OhrOctober 21, 1905Born in Bradford, England
Everet OickleyApril 28, 1925Born in Lunenburgh, Canada.
Albert O'KeefeMay 1, 1923Born in Montreal
John M. OliverDecember 22, 1927Born in Toronto, Canada.
Roas Oliver (Ross)February 2, 1927Born in Brantford, Canada.
George OllsonNovember 5, 1918Born in Ontario, Canada
Kenneth Charles OlsenFebruary 27, 1928Born in Toronto, Canada.
Ralph OlsenLived in 46 Holly Street, Riverside R. Canada.
John Elias OlsonFebruary 22, 1910Born in North Sydney, C.B. Canada.
Karl F. OlsonNovember 14, 1928Born in Mass
William OlyuyJune 7, 1924Born in Canada
Emmet Blaise O'Malley