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Participated in war

Belongs to nationality

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
HabibullaBorn in Allahabad, India
Habibulla1910Born in Noakhali, India
HabibullaBorn in Allahabad, India
Habibullah1896Born in Maithanga, India
Habizullah1889Born in Sylhet, India
Abdel Haghue1910Born in Chittagong, India
Asadal Hague1901Born in Calcutta, India
Shamsul Hague (Heg)1918Born in Noakhali
Mujibul HagueLived in Ukjent
Nural HagueLived in Ukjent
Abdul HakimBorn in Calcutta, India
Abdul Hakim
Abdul Hakim1902Born in Calcutta, India
Abdul Hakim1912Born in Chittagong, India
Abdul Hakim1908Born in India
D. A. HakimLived in C/o Shipping master, Bombay, India
Mombassa HakisLived in Shipping Office, Bombay, India
Mohamed Halim1917Born in Murshidabad, India
Abdul Halini1922Born in Noakhati, India
Aman Hamalkhan1920Born in Karachi, India
Kobi Hamed1923Born in Chittagong, India
Abdul HamidBorn in Calcutta, India
Abdul Hamid1921Born in Sint, India