We have so far registered 81,654 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Charles E. WadeDecember 31, 1910Born in Texas, U.S.A.
Max WadeAugust 28, 1896Born in Augusta Ma.
Marguerite WaldmanJanuary 14, 1917Born in Butte, Montana
Irene WalkerFebruary 9, 1920Born in New York
James Wallace
Hans Wang
Jackie Doil WardApril 26, 1926Born in Big Sandy
Leonard Raymond WaringJanuary 18, 1926Born in Woodstock
Ariel WarrickAugust 21, 1923Born in Old Hickory
Allan WaterburyJuly 30, 1927Born in San Jose
Wm. Radcliffe WatinsJanuary 22, 1898Born in Conchococka
David WattJuly 16, 1862Born in Creeswick, Australia
Alvind WeigardNovember 27, 1927Born in New Orleans
William WeikertOctober 8, 1924Born in Wise
Robert Alvin WelchDecember 5, 1926Born in Santa Clara
William WelchNovember 28, 1921Born in Kingston, Pennsylvania.
E. Glen WellerJuly 9, 1924Born in California
M. H. Wert1919Lived in Cedar Vale, Kansas
Edwin WestphalBorn in New York
Bill WhitakerApril 2, 1926Lived in 05 Sutter Street, San Francisco
Francis W. WhiteFebruary 1, 1920Born in Boston
Frederick WhiteJune 29, 1924Lived in 2370 Chestnut Ave, Long Beach, Cal.
Irene Pearl WhiteFebruary 26, 1924Lived in Racine, Wisconsin
Jacob Louis WhiteNovember 16, 1921Born in New York
Louis H. WhiteApril 2, 1921Born in Los Angeles