We have so far registered 67,853 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Lee E. Kai
Lee Wu KaiApril 26, 1909Born in Swatow
Lem Tang Kai1921Born in Swatow
Mah. Kai1916Born in Canton
Arild KalandMay 11, 1918Born in Bergen
Chan Kam
Giam Ling Kam1906Born in Swatow
Giam Siak KamBorn in Hong Kong
Lee Ming KamSeptember 15, 1909Born in Swatow
Lim Lak Kam1904Born in Ieschew
Ronald KampsonMay 11, 1923
Wong KamBorn in Kwantung
C. Cheng KanBorn in Ningpo
Chan Kan1901
Chan Kan
Chee Fi Kan1916Born in Swatow
Ching KanFebruary 15, 1904
Cheng Shua KangBorn in Ningpo
Ho Young Kan1914Born in Shanghai
Khoo Chong KanBorn in Shanghai
Pang Kan
Shan Sui KanLived in Ningpo
Tan Ah KanLived in Singapore
Tsang Kan1913Born in Hong Kong