We have so far registered 81,018 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Stanley BabadMay 10, 1925Born in Canada
E. Baba
Edward Baber1914Born in Eastbourne
Edward BabiezJanuary 16, 1927Born in USA
Mohamed Ahmes Said Babikr1904Born in Dongola
Zuezas BabiliusNovember 28, 1912Born in Kalnenai
Md. Babroo1901Born in Sylhet
Svetco BacaljaOctober 4, 1907
Abdallah BacariBorn in Majunga
Earl BachMarch 30, 1919Born in Buffalo
T. Bachelor
Anton BackSeptember 7, 1890Born in Helsinki
Charles BackDecember 13, 1925Born in Bristol
L. C. BackenDecember 13, 1911Born in New Zealand
Fredrick Tiefen BackFebruary 8, 1927Born in Toronto
Tom BackhouseAugust 4, 1924Born in Oldham
Charles Backland1894Lived in 22 Croxteth road, Bootle, Liverpool
John BacklandOctober 23, 1925Born in Liverpool
Albert BackmanJuly 6, 1900Born in Lysekil
Hallder BackmanJanuary 30, 1922Lived in Nåleytisveg 23, Reykjavik
Karl BackmanMarch 10, 1917Born in Eskildsø
Erik Gotfrid BackmannMay 13, 1885Born in Finland