We have so far registered 73,453 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Alf Olai AndersenOctober 25, 1914Born in Onsøy
Olaus AndersenMay 5, 1881Born in Onsøy
Bernhard Marensius ArntzenNovember 30, 1902Born in Onsøy
Jens Olaus GundersenJanuary 1, 1894Born in Onsøy
Ole Anton HansenJune 11, 1888Born in Onsøy
Anders JohansenJune 25, 1900Born in Onsøy
Arne KristiansenApril 15, 1922Born in Glemmen
Oskar LudvigsenAugust 18, 1919Born in Onsøy
Anders Olaves OlsenJanuary 4, 1911Born in Onsøy
Arne Martinius OlsenJune 25, 1908Born in Onsøy
Anton Ingvald PedersenMay 1, 1898Born in Onsøy
Ivar PedersenFebruary 24, 1905Born in Fredrikstad