We have so far registered 78,755 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Petter Albert OhremMay 11, 1893Born in Sandefjord
Thor Ole OhremJanuary 26, 1913Born in Sandefjord
Abraham OlafsenApril 11, 1916Born in Sandar
Arthur OlafsenFebruary 2, 1923Born in Sandar
Arthur OlafsenFebruary 12, 1908Born in Horten
Einar OlafsenMarch 31, 1919Born in Sandefjord
Karl Amandus OlafsenMarch 6, 1886Lived in Nøtterøy
Nils Erling OlafsenApril 5, 1911Born in Stokke
Ole Christian OlafsenApr 1907Born in Hedrum
Osvald OlafsenJuly 3, 1910Born in Sandar
Thore OlafsenOctober 10, 1917Born in Sandar
Trygve OlafsenMarch 7, 1906Born in Sandeherred
William Kåre OlafsenMarch 1, 1919Lived in Sandar
Hjalmar Konrad Jahre OlausenAugust 10, 1896Born in Ramnes
Severin Marinius OlausenOctober 10, 1887Born in Sem
Alf Marinius OlaussenNovember 2, 1894Born in Nøtterøy
Arne Oliver OlaussenNovember 25, 1906Born in Onsøy, Fredrikstad
Jørgen Oskar OlaussenAugust 12, 1893Born in Sandeherred
Odd OlaussenNovember 4, 1914Born in Larvik
Olaus Andreas OlaussenMarch 19, 1889Born in Nøtterøy
Olav Johannes OlaussenSeptember 9, 1921Born in Hof i Vestfold
Ole Arthur OlaussenSeptember 20, 1905Born in Larvik
Thomas William OlaussenOctober 31, 1889Born in Tønsberg
Johan Olaf OlavesenDecember 17, 1887Born in Fredriksvern, Stavern
Mikal Kristoffer OlavesenDecember 20, 1914Born in Onsøy