We have so far registered 76,260 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Arne Oliver OlaussenNovember 25, 1906Born in Onsøy, Fredrikstad
Mikal Kristoffer OlavesenDecember 20, 1914Born in Onsøy
Nils OlavesenFebruary 21, 1878Born in Onsøy
Ole Hartvig OlavesenJuly 4, 1893Born in Onsøy
Sigvart Olaves OlavesenAugust 10, 1908Born in Onsøy
Trygve Marentsius OlavesenNovember 10, 1897Born in Onsøy
Anders Olaves OlsenJanuary 4, 1911Born in Onsøy
Arne Martinius OlsenJune 25, 1908Born in Onsøy
Arnt Nikolai OlsenMarch 3, 1918Born in Råde
Einar OlsenSeptember 11, 1906Born in Råde
Hans Ernst OlsenDecember 27, 1899Born in Onsøy
Håkon OlsenSeptember 20, 1910Born in Råde
Kristian Marensius OlsenNovember 18, 1886Born in Fredrikstad
Ola Marensius OlsenSeptember 17, 1911Born in Kråkerøy, Fredrikstad
Ole Martin OlsenJanuary 1, 1921Born in Onsøy
Oscar Kristian OlsenJune 25, 1908Born in Onsøy
Oskar Johannes OlsenSep 1916Born in Råde
Oskar Hilmar OrudOctober 27, 1907Born in Skjeberg