We have so far registered 73,477 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Abraham Jacobsen1852Born in Ørsland
Abreham Jacobsen1836Born in Langholmsund
Aksel Kaare JacobsenAugust 5, 1912Born in Risør
Albert Løwe JacobsenJuly 18, 1909Born in Oslo
Albert Martinius JacobsenFebruary 8, 1884Born in Risør
Albert Victor JacobsenOctober 27, 1903Born in Arendal
Anders JacobsenMarch 1, 1902Born in Grimstad
Anders JacobsenMay 13, 1837Born in Søndeled
Anders Elevinius Jacobsen1834Born in Langholmsund
Anders Svennevig Jacobsen1856Born in Svennevig
Andreas Olevinius Jacobsen1835Born in Natvig
Arne JacobsenNovember 5, 1918Born in Grimstad
Arthur Eugen JacobsenMarch 3, 1883Born in Hisøy
Berthinius JacobsenJune 18, 1892Born in Søndeled
Carl JacobsenAugust 12, 1873Lived in Risør rode 33
Charles JacobsenJanuary 18, 1911Born in Hisøy
Christen JacobsenFebruary 6, 1865Born in Hadsel
Christen Andreas JacobsenApril 30, 1860Born in Risør
Christian Severin Jacobsen1833Born in Langholmsund
Edvin JacobsenSeptember 5, 1919Born in Arendal
Egil Gahrsen JacobsenJune 5, 1940Born in Risør
Johan Christian Jacobsen Eide1863Born in Eide
Elias Jacobsen1757Born in Vestre Moland Skalle
Ellef Jacobsen1803Born in Risør
Elling Jacobsen1783Born in Stuthei