We have so far registered 76,166 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Ivar OlafsenOctober 21, 1902Born in Oslo
Georg Henry OlavesenMarch 2, 1875Born in Oslo
Birger OlsenJune 11, 1924Born in Oslo
Birger OlsenAugust 16, 1905Born in Oslo
Bjarne Gullik OlsenDecember 25, 1895Born in Oslo
Eivind Holger OlsenNovember 21, 1901Born in Oslo
Finn Bjørge OlsenJuly 7, 1919Born in Oslo
Georg Kristian OlsenMay 23, 1907Born in Oslo
Ragnar (Ray) Olsen KjosDecember 19, 1903Born in Oslo
Olaf G. OlsenMarch 9, 1904Born in Oslo
Ole Andreas OlsenMay 31, 1876Born in Aadalen
Oskar OlsenJanuary 24, 1905Born in Oslo
Sigvard Andreas OlsenJanuary 13, 1881Born in Trondheim
Thorleif OlsenMay 17, 1916Born in Tromsø
Leif OpsahlJune 30, 1915Born in Oslo
Einar Johan OtervikOctober 2, 1904Born in Oslo