We have so far registered 73,740 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Anthony P. RhodesOctober 9, 1925Born in Southport
Karl August RhostMarch 5, 1901Born in Tuneham
Antonio RicattiMay 17, 1924Born in Barletta
Patrick RiceJuly 10, 1927Born in Liverpool
Adeline RichardsNovember 1, 1917Lived in Swansea
Anthony RichardsMay 10, 1927Born in Ellesmere Port
Einar Anker RichardsenFebruary 28, 1920Lived in 9 Luke Street, Wallasey
Gordon Richards
Gordon Richards
James Francis RichardsDecember 9, 1894Born in London
L.D. RichardsMarch 4, 1907Born in Cornwall
Merlin RichardsNovember 18, 1925Born in Swansee
Bert RichardsonDecember 12, 1895Born in Beks
Clarence RichardsonJune 20, 1925Born in Upper Whitehead
Edward Arthur RichardsonAugust 24, 1924Born in Coodwick
Gilbert RichardsonNovember 1, 1923Born in Hull
James RichardsonJuly 12, 1917Born in Castle Main
Michal RichardsonMarch 9, 1920Born in Kingson on Thames
Stanley W. RichardsonJanuary 18, 1913
William RichardsonLived in Hunslet
Raymond RichardsJuly 3, 1903Born in Mansfield
Ernst RichOctober 24, 1924
James Arthur RidleyNovember 10, 1906Born in Hull
Knud Helge Rieber-HansenAugust 30, 1922Lived in København
Walter RigbyDecember 17, 1912