We have so far registered 69,376 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Makil El Dine TabbahNovember 17, 1918Born in Beyrouth
Harold TaberdaJanuary 19, 1924Born in Rangoon
Albert Tabete1901Born in Hopo
Lloyd J. TaborMarch 15, 1927Born in New Orleans
Miguel G. TacconeNovember 6, 1920Born in Buenos Aires
John Tachin
Egon TackSeptember 7, 1922Born in Gøteborg
Eric Tacy
Lawrence J. TaffsNovember 20, 1927
Stephen TaftApril 25, 1925Born in Goldthorpe
Leopold TagevskiDecember 15, 1920Born in Riga
Frank TaggartOctober 2, 1915Born in Melbourne
Robert Akramah TagoeBorn in Gold Coast
Francisco TagusOctober 2, 1909Born in Cordoba
Mohy El Din Abdo Taha1918Lived in El Hadaia Str., Alexandria
Said Ahmed Taha1916Born in Dongola
Taha Oar Hamdl Taha1921Born in Sudan
Ching Min Tah1903Born in Shanghai
Zas Tin Tah
Ambrose James TaiJuly 23, 1920Born in Borneo
Chan Chow Tai1908Born in Foochow
Chan David Tai1904Born in Canton
Chen Yee TaiLived in Hainan
Chew Jee TaiLived in Kwantung
Chow Tai