We have so far registered 69,396 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Marie France AgulbutFebruary 23, 1918Born in Seychelles
Kert AlexanderNovember 9, 1920Born in Aberdeen, Skottland
Henry AllanSeptember 3, 1922Born in North Shields, Uk
Charles AndersenApril 21, 1927Born in England
Reginald BellMay 23, 1925Born in Liverpool, England
George BillowsDecember 18, 1925Born in Liverpool, England
Richard BirdJanuary 13, 1924Born in Ontario, Canada
Albert Ernest BoothJune 8, 1925Born in Portsmouth, England
James Cedric BradleyDecember 28, 1922Born in Sowerby
Arthur E. C. BrettAugust 16, 1913Born in Liverpool
William BrighouseJuly 1, 1911Born in St. Helens
Victor J. BurdenFebruary 8, 1917Lived in 2 Glover Str., S. Melbourne
James George CaseyJuly 30, 1896Born in Liverpool, U.K.
Charles CheesmanApril 5, 1924Born in Sth. Shields
Leonard Arthur ClarkAugust 11, 1924Born in Hull
Leslie CockettJuly 11, 1924Born in Battersea
Thomas Bernhard ConvayJune 14, 1927Born in Bradford
William Stephen CornerSeptember 13, 1910Born in Glasgow
Archibald CoyneJuly 24, 1925Born in Renfrewshire
John DevineAugust 2, 1898
Noel Michael DolanNovember 27, 1925Born in Sydney
William DonaldsonSeptember 19, 1913Lived in Oakland NZ
Louis D'SouzaNovember 4, 1911
John W.E. EdwardsJune 22, 1922Born in Portsmouth
Francis EnnisOctober 14, 1923Lived in 13 Royal Street, Kirkdale, Liverpool