We have so far registered 76,384 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
John WagnerMarch 14, 1916Born in Cape Town
Samuel Waher (Watser)October 17, 1919Born in Parno, Estonia
Hing Wai
William WakemanDecember 8, 1919Born in Bridgend
Horace J. (Harris) Walker
Robert WalkerAugust 6, 1925Born in Wallesey
Harold WallbankAugust 23, 1904Born in Hyde, Cheshire, U.K.
Karl Torsten Alfred WallenNovember 27, 1918Born in Jøkøping
Robert P. WalshLived in 37 Patmos Rd., Brixton, London, U.K.
Ah Zeng Wang
Cheong Wang
Chi Lin Wang
Shin Fa Wang
Huk Ming WanApril 18, 1893Born in Chingwandtao
Ronald Albert WardJuly 16, 1924Born in Cottesloe
Jack Roland WaudbyJanuary 15, 1921Lived in 10, Amis Terrace, Ferris Street, Hedon Hills, HullHull
Cecil WealleansApril 19, 1922Born in Newcastle
Ranceford WeatherbeeApril 13, 1919Born in Sydney
Arthur Henry WelshSeptember 23, 1921Lived in London
Eric WelshFebruary 8, 1924Lived in Manchester
Ah Meoh Weng
Francis Reginald Wheatland
Alfred WhiteOctober 1, 1911Born in London
George WhiteAugust 31, 1917Born in Calcutta
Albert Whitehall