We have so far registered 76,803 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Birger WalsethFebruary 9, 1919Born in Trondheim
Harald Arnfinn WassætherApril 22, 1923Born in Hitra
Fridjof Glør WhistOctober 25, 1918Born in Verdal
Arne M. WiigOctober 7, 1918Born in Trondheim
Wilhelm WilhelmsenOctober 15, 1907Born in Hitra
Anfeldt Olaus WintherFebruary 11, 1902Born in Hitra
Gunnar Adolf WintherApril 27, 1916Born in Trondheim
Harald Christian WintherJuly 1, 1898Born in Hadsel
Harald WoldOctober 3, 1901Born in Hitra
Nils K. WormdahlOctober 10, 1917Born in Malvik