We have so far registered 77,112 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Noakhali Jabaluddin1904Lived in c/o Shipping Master, Calcutta
Abdul Jabbar1919Born in Calcutta
Abdull Jabbar1903Lived in Turner, Morrisonco, Calcutta
John JablonskiNovember 28, 1927Born in New Jersey
A. E. JackFebruary 9, 1901Born in Rio de Janeiro
Claude JackettMarch 23, 1922Born in Vindsor
William JacklinJuly 3, 1922Lived in 385 Durnsford Rd. Wimbleton Park London S.W. 19
Patrik JackmanMarch 21, 1910Lived in Ohava Ontario, Canada
A. Jackson
Albert Fredrik JacksonSeptember 26, 1924Born in Toronto
Alfred JacksonJuly 23, 1911Born in London
Anne E JacksonBorn in New York
Arthur Jackson
Cecil JacksonApril 28, 1922Born in LOndon
Charles J. JacksonDecember 4, 1921
Cyril JacksonMay 4, 1915Born in Dublin
Dallas JacksonNovember 21, 1927Lived in 104 Gordon Ave, Newcastle, N.S. W
Donald JacksonLived in 7 Blackbird street, Totton, England
Edward G. JacksonBorn in London
Ernest JacksonOctober 2, 1919Born in Stoke on Trent
Ernest JacksonFebruary 13, 1920
George JacksonJuly 19, 1923Born in Preston
George JacksonJune 26, 1911Lived in London
George Arthur JacksonAugust 3, 1923Born in Ashawa, Ontario
Gerald Jackson