We have so far registered 70,260 seafarers

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NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Albert HaberleyJanuary 22, 1925Born in Perth, Australia
Raymond HaddowMarch 11, 1927Born in Sydney, Australia
Ernest Colin HadsonMay 2, 1929Born in Sydney, Australia
Edward HaggFebruary 28, 1927Born in Fremantle, Australia
Leslie HahnAugust 28, 1926Born in Perth, Australia
Graham HainesJanuary 10, 1928Born in Sydney, Australia
John HainesMarch 29, 1925Born in Hurstville, Australia
Loid HainesMarch 7, 1929Born in Sydney, Australia
Bernhard HallagherFebruary 16, 1924Born in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
George HallardJanuary 22, 1926Born in Sydney, Australia
Cyril HallApril 9, 1926Born in Glenmore, Australia
Evan L. HallettNovember 24, 1926Born in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
Harry G. HallidayMay 31, 1927Born in Glebe, Sydney, Australia
Kingsley HallidayDecember 21, 1905Born in Rockdala, Australia
Owen HalloranApril 5, 1919Lived in Marylbone street, London W. 1., England
William HalloranMay 8, 1927Born in Crosby, Australia
Phill HallApril 22, 1925Born in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Leslie hamiltonMarch 10, 1928Born in Brisbane, Australia
William HamiltonSeptember 3, 1915Born in Sydney, Australia
Gorden HamnetDecember 17, 1921Born in M. Junction, Australia
Frank Allan HancookOctober 5, 1921Born in Adelaide, Australia
Ross HancookApril 1, 1928Born in Perth, West Australia
James E. HanleyApril 10, 1923Born in Sydney, Australia
William B. HannafordOctober 13, 1913Born in Port Adelaide, Australia
Matthew David HanrahanMay 4, 1926Born in Melbourne, Australia