We have so far registered 64,015 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Abraham Abfie1925Born in Durban
Walter AbrahamsNovember 9, 1920Born in Cape Town, Syd Afrika
Daniel AdamsJuly 15, 1926Born in Durban
Sidney AdamsJanuary 27, 1920Born in Cape Town, Sør Afrika
Morris AddinallJuly 25, 1926Born in Cape Town, Sør Afrika
Harold AlbanDecember 19, 1918Born in Kimberly, Sør Afrika
James AndersenJanuary 6, 1925Born in Johannesburg
Archie AnderssonBorn in Port Elizabeth, Syd Afrika
Victor G. AndrewJune 3, 1921Born in Johannesburg
Ricard Atkins
Harry AttwoodSeptember 16, 1903Born in Wynberg
Eric BarendsSeptember 13, 1923Born in Durban
Bita Basha1897Born in Port Shepstone, Sør-Afrika
James M. BeattieMay 1, 1926Born in Durban, Sør-Afrika
Alfred BeppoSeptember 24, 1884Lived in 43 Newchurch St. Cape Town, Sør-Afrika
Clement BilhamMay 20, 1921Born in Durban
Edvard BothaDecember 16, 1922Born in Lobasti
Rinald BowlinMay 1, 1925Lived in 379 Prince Alfred Rd., Peter Martinesbourgh
Peter BreslerJanuary 21, 1923Born in Cape Town
Howard BrinkleyNovember 12, 1924Born in Cape Town
Vernon BrinkFebruary 20, 1917Born in Port Elisabeth
S. F. BrownMarch 27, 1920Born in Johannesburg
Douglas B. BryceSeptember 6, 1921Born in Queenstown
Louis CagneyNovember 3, 1924Born in Johannesburg
Edward CaldwellFebruary 10, 1927Born in Natal, S.Afrika