We have so far registered 71,059 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Nils BrynhildsenJune 19, 1897Born in Fredrikstad
Anders Fredrik BubergNovember 8, 1901Born in Fredrikstad
Ragnvald Breder ChristiansenFebruary 5, 1905Born in Fredrikstad
Harald Oliver Nilsen DalenJune 28, 1906Born in Onsøy
Einar Marentius EdvardsenAugust 21, 1900Born in Onsøy
Emil Høier EdvardsenFebruary 26, 1893Born in Onsøy
Johan Arnt EdvartsenJune 23, 1895Born in Onsøy
Arne EkeliJanuary 24, 1905Born in Råde
Thomas Andreas EklundAugust 15, 1885Born in Moss
Leif Andre Hov EllefsenSeptember 8, 1914Born in Moss
Edvart EllingsenJanuary 15, 1909Born in Råde, Moss
Georg Petter EllingsenOctober 4, 1899Born in Fredrikstad
Hans EllingsenApril 13, 1910Born in Onsøy
S. EllingsenDecember 27, 1908Born in Onsøy
Sigurd EllingsenDecember 27, 1918Born in Onsøy
Harry EngerJuly 22, 1903Born in Fredrikstad
Einar EriksenMay 5, 1912Born in Onsøy
Ole Kristian EriksenFebruary 6, 1902Born in Onsøy
Johan Enok Johansen FjeldApril 14, 1904Born in Moss
Johan Viktor ForsbergJuly 14, 1893Born in Fredrikstad
Johnny Charles ForsbergJune 19, 1898Born in Glemmen, Fredrikstad
Kjønik (Larsen) Forset(h)lundFebruary 6, 1891Born in Onsøy, Fredikstad
Willy Fredrik FredriksenJune 21, 1921Born in Kråkerøy
Erling FrengFebruary 15, 1905Lived in Musikvein 2, Glemmen pr Fredrikstad
Einar Kristian GjersengenApril 4, 1893Born in Aremark