We have so far registered 72,478 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Thorleif Wibe1902Lived in Trondheim
Johannes WiggenSeptember 23, 1899Born in Trondheim
Johannes WiggenSeptember 17, 1895Born in Trondheim
Otto Waldemar WiggenJanuary 5, 1914Lived in Trondheim
Reidar Johannes WiggenOctober 26, 1904Born in Trondheim
Arne M. WiigOctober 7, 1918Born in Trondheim
Karl Sigurd WikJuly 1, 1914Born in Trondheim
Thorbjørn WikNovember 19, 1920Born in Trondheim
Wilhelm WilhelmsenOctober 15, 1907Born in Hitra
Finn Victor WillumsenDecember 27, 1914Born in Trondheim
Hegvold Olsen WillyOctober 12, 1916Born in Trondheim
Birger WilmannMarch 30, 1906Born in Trondheim
Anfeldt Olaus WintherFebruary 11, 1902Born in Hitra
Edvin WintherJanuary 1, 1909Born in Brattleboro, Vermont, U.S.A.
Gunnar Adolf WintherApril 27, 1916Born in Trondheim
Harald Christian WintherJuly 1, 1898Born in Hadsel
Olaf Hillberg WintherJanuary 5, 1918Born in Trondheim
Bjarne WinumApril 21, 1914Born in Trondheim
Sigvart WisnesJuly 1, 1911Born in Trondheim
Arvid Hjalmar WisthNovember 16, 1921Born in Trondheim
Tor Fredrik WithbroFebruary 7, 1916Born in Trondheim
Albert Carensius WoldFebruary 3, 1893Born in Trondheim
Alf WoldMay 30, 1917Born in Titran
Bjørn WoldSeptember 15, 1918Born in Trondheim
Harald WoldOctober 3, 1901Born in Hitra