We have so far registered 73,477 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Lars SalvesenMay 11, 1858Born in Risør
Lars Severin SalvesenNovember 1, 1872Born in Risør
Martin Olaus SalvesenApril 12, 1885Born in Risør
Morten SalvesenNovember 28, 1902Born in Dypvåg
Nils Severin SalvesenApril 25, 1831Born in Risør
Nils Severin SalvesenJanuary 24, 1931Born in Risør
Nils Severin Valdemar SalvesenSeptember 21, 1878Born in Risør
Olaf SalvesenMarch 8, 1910Born in Froland
Ole Martin SalvesenJanuary 3, 1851Born in Risør
Peder Helmer SalvesenSeptember 3, 1902Born in Flosta
Robert SalvesenOctober 9, 1854Born in Høvaag
Rudolf SalvesenJanuary 16, 1933Born in Vestre Moland
Salve SalvesenJuly 10, 1911Born in Froland
Salve August SalvesenJune 15, 1876Born in Dypvåg (Flosta)
Severin SalvesenNovember 1, 1838Born in Kristiansand
Severin Salvesen1838Born in Kristiansand
Severin Hilmar Espenes SalvesenOctober 1, 1890Born in Holt
Severin Theodor SalvesenOctober 9, 1864Born in Risør
Sissel Dybwad SalvesenJune 19, 1941Born in Oslo
Sverre Nicolai SalvesenAugust 2, 1896Born in Risør
Syvert SalvesenBorn in Kristiansand
Thomas SalvesenJune 7, 1900Born in Risør
Thor Helmer SalvesenFebruary 5, 1905Born in Flosta
Thorvald SalvesenBorn in Kalvild
Torjus SalvesenMarch 8, 1851Born in Fjære