We have so far registered 81,062 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Carl Arvid NielsenMarch 27, 1890Born in Oslo
Carl Einar NielsenJanuary 8, 1895Lived in Oslo
Erling NielsenSeptember 17, 1908Born in Drammen
Erling Andreas NielsenNovember 27, 1892Born in Tønsberg
Ivar NielsenJune 11, 1903Born in Oslo
Nils NielsenSeptember 26, 1840Born in Landvik
Ragnar NielsenNovember 14, 1920Lived in Oslo
Rolf Trygve NielsenJune 21, 1889Born in Horten
Frank NiemiDecember 25, 1897Lived in Maridalsveien 64, Oslo
Alfred Emanuel NilsenFebruary 22, 1901Born in Oslo
Alfred Emanuel NilsenMarch 3, 1905Born in Oslo
Andreas Emil NilsenOctober 25, 1913Born in Dypvåg
Anton Marinius NilsenOctober 6, 1886Born in Horten
Arne Normann NilsenAugust 6, 1900Born in Moskenes, Lofoten
August NilsenNovember 11, 1880Born in Pernau, Estland
Birger Daniel NilsenOctober 18, 1894Born in Drammen
Bjarne Osvald NilsenJune 8, 1900Born in Oslo
Christian NilsenMay 22, 1889Lived in Oslo
Ditlev Johannes NilsenApril 19, 1900Born in Tønset
Eliot Dreyer Berg NilsenMay 6, 1897Born in Oslo
Erling NilsenMay 19, 1908Born in Jevnaker
Ernst Walter NilsenAugust 28, 1918Born in Oslo
Fredrik NilsenMay 24, 1903Born in Oslo
Gotfred Lund NilsenAugust 11, 1894Born in Mosjøen
Gunnar Kristian NilsenOctober 7, 1916Born in Oslo