We have so far registered 76,272 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Wilfred Ancoin (Aucoin)January 1, 1904Born in Margaree Harbour, Nova Scotia, Canada
Clifton AndersenMarch 5, 1921Born in Ottawa, Canada
John AndersenApril 2, 1921Born in Toronto, Canada
Thomas AndersenMarch 6, 1919Born in Port Perry,Ontario, Canada
Allan AndersonMay 26, 1923Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
David AndersonNovember 4, 1926Born in Annathill,Skottland
Irvin AndersonNovember 24, 1925Born in Vancouver
James AndersonJuly 6, 1916Lived in Canada
Ralph C. AndersonSeptember 25, 1924Born in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Canada
Thomas AndersonOctober 29, 1912Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
William AndersonAugust 6, 1923Born in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada
William AndersonNovember 3, 1913Born in Canada
Earl AndrewsBorn in Halifax, Canada
Frederick Keith AndrewsApril 27, 1927Born in Saskatoon, Canada
Harold AndrewsDecember 24, 1916Born in Toronto, Canada
Lorne AndrewsOctober 17, 1925Born in Ontario, Canada
Ross AndrewsDecember 4, 1927Born in Hamilton, Canada
Peder AngerLived in Canada
Gene AngioneApril 13, 1922
Peter Giovanni AngioneMarch 18, 1922Lived in New Waterford, Cape Brenton, Canada
Balzer Victor AnonsenMay 24, 1919Born in New Foundland
Stephen AnthoniDecember 27, 1927Born in Casamaria, Canada
Robert AntonickApril 3, 1924Born in Montreal, Canada
Leonard AntonJanuary 25, 1922Born in Edmonton, Canada
John ArcherJanuary 28, 1927Born in Canada