We have so far registered 72,299 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Allee Ahamade1906Born in Noakhali, India
Mogbul AhamadLived in Hangupur, Chittagong, India
Sabir AhamadBorn in India
Ali Ahamed
Faiz AhamedBorn in India
Fazde Ahamed
Jalal AhamedBorn in Noakhali, India
Seedick Ahamed
Syed AhamedLived in Dootri Bari Th.Sundeep, O.O. Maitbhanga Vill: Charmookandra, Idia
Ali Ahamode
Ameer Ahamode
Nazir Ahamode1888Born in Noakhali, India
Secundar AhamodeLived in c/o Bedhoo Mian, P.O. Chaprasirhat, India
Javal Ahinimed1922Born in Calcutta, India
Ali AhmadBorn in India
Ali Ahmad1917Born in Noakhali, India
Ali Ahmad1920Born in India
Ally Ahmad
Ameer AhmadLived in Turner Morrison & Co, Calcutta, India
Cear Ahmad
Jalal Ahmad1907Born in Chittagong, India
Maqbul Ahmad1896Born in Cittagong, India
Mohammad Ahmad
Monir AhmadLived in c/o Shipping Office, Calcutta, India
Mozaffer Ahmad1899Born in Noakhali, India