We have so far registered 76,928 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Sverre Mauritz TallaksenJuly 2, 1902Born in Flosta
Syvert TallaksenJanuary 4, 1846Born in Herefoss
Tallak TallaksenJuly 12, 1843Born in Vegårdshei
Tallak TallaksenApril 22, 1844Born in Søndeled
Tallak TallaksenDecember 22, 1852Born in Søndeled
Tengel Th. TallaksenJune 19, 1855Born in Søndeled
Tharal TallaksenApril 21, 1852Born in Øiestad
Thor TallaksenFebruary 10, 1847Born in Froland
Thor Sande TallaksenSeptember 9, 1908Born in Holt
Thorvald Johan Tallaksen.February 4, 1872Born in Grimstad
Torje TallaksenNovember 29, 1844Born in Østernes, Søndeled
Torjus TallaksenJune 11, 1856Born in Vegaardshei
Torvald TallaksenNovember 8, 1879Born in Dypvaag (Flosta)
Torvald TallaksenNovember 2, 1879Born in Fjære.
Jørgen Kristian TambiniAugust 17, 1893Born in Hornnes
Anders Jensen TandbergLived in Lillesand
Abraham Tobias TangenFebruary 11, 1903Born in Risør
Yngvar Hansen Tangen1910Born in Åkerøy
Erik Ingemand TangvaldFebruary 19, 1903Born in Dypvåg
Anders TaraldsenMay 5, 1900Born in Holt
Clemet TaraldsenAugust 17, 1839Born in Vegårdshei
Didrik Severin TaraldsenApril 15, 1895Born in Dypvaag (Flosta)
Gjeruld Taraldsen.August 15, 1856Born in Fjære
Gunder TaraldsenFebruary 17, 1850Born in Vegårdshei
Gustav Marin TaraldsenJune 22, 1845Born in Søndeled