We have so far registered 79,971 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Patrick CrosseySeptember 5, 1900Lived in 2 Cannot St. , Lisbunn Ss.
Jeremiah CrowinMay 29, 1921Born in Cork
Edward CumminsJanuary 23, 1920Lived in 102 North Main Str., Corl City, Eire
Jims CurtisDecember 18, 1926Born in Londonderry
Edvard CuthbertsenMay 5, 1918Lived in 11 Ably Str. Arklow, Irland
John T. CuthbertsonJune 20, 1925Born in Arklow
James DalyFebruary 12, 1920Born in Dublin
Michael J. DalySeptember 1, 1925Born in Dublin
John DeaseySeptember 11, 1901Lived in Churchpark, Bohola, Co. Mayo, Eire
Paul DelaneyFebruary 19, 1923Born in Maryborough
Chrestoffer DentOctober 11, 1908
Michael DevereuxDecember 21, 1902Lived in Rams Grange Wexford
William DohertyFebruary 6, 1909Born in Moneville Urland
Antoni Doland (Dolan)October 24, 1906Born in Galway
Michael DonnovanApril 22, 1901Lived in Clonakilly Corl Irand
Michael DoyleApril 5, 1914Born in Dublin
Douglas Wilson DudgeonDecember 15, 1919Born in Belfast
Charles DuncanMay 8, 1923Born in Ballycastle
James DuncanJanuary 20, 1920Born in Wick
James DunleavyApril 8, 1922Born in Dublin
Thomas DwyerOctober 27, 1922
William FinneranDecember 6, 1904Born in Roscommon
J. Fitzgerald
Maurice FitzgeraldJuly 30, 1902Born in Cork
Thomas FitzgeraldMay 22, 1924Lived in Laugtsollis, Dunamagquin, Eire