We have so far registered 70,344 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Kai Han Tai
Ling Tai1902
Lung Chuk Tai
Chin Sen Tain
Po TaiAugust 23, 1909Born in Canton
Si Wan Tai
Bill William TaitDecember 12, 1926Born in Thorld
Harry TaitSeptember 19, 1906Born in Newcastle
Robert TaitJanuary 31, 1925Lived in 9 Elystan Rd., New Farm, Brisbane
Bernhard Taitus(Tutus)October 13, 1913Born in Cesel.
Wing Wong TaiBorn in Hainan
Yea Zia TaiLived in Shanghai
Yip TaiLived in Foochow
Takazuddin1907Born in Dacca
Chow Ming Tak
Dong Seng TakJanuary 15, 1906Born in Ningpo
Ho Tak1909Born in Swatow
Kho Ah Ta1897Born in Canton
Ho Ming Tak1918Born in Hainan
Ko Tak1908Born in Kwantung
K. Ung TakBorn in Ningpo
Lee TakSeptember 15, 1902Born in Canton
Lee Hai TakBorn in Hong Kong
Lee Ting Tak1922
Lim Chui TakBorn in Swatow